#23 When Wakes-Up-Last Murdered All of his Children
     (Walter McClintock, 1968)

“When Wakes-up-last murdered all of his children.” The murder of Brings-down-the-Sun’s daughter (Pretty Blanket) and her three children, and Wakes-up-last’s suicide, was the result of the sale of bad whiskey, consisting largely of wood alcohol, to Blackfeet Indians by white saloon keepers in the town of Cutbank, Montana. Their bodies lay for some time uncared for, because of the superstitious dread of touching the dead, until Menake prepared them for burial. Although the sale of whiskey to Indians is prohibited by United States law the saloon-keepers escaped punishment.

[#23] Walter McClintock, The Old North Trail: or, life, legends and religion of the Blackfeet Indians. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1968, pg. 504.

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